I started my business in 2006 because I was frustrated. I was looking for a cleaning service that would offer customized cleanings allowing me to tell the cleaners what I wanted and have them do just that, rather than being told what service I would and would not receive. I wanted to specify products, I wanted to have the flexibility to change my requests from one visit to the next and I wanted to have cleaners who would consistently do a fantastic job.

When I couldn't find what I was looking for I decided to start a cleaning service - but with a twist... The twist being customized cleanings which allows the homeowner to be in control of what gets done, how it gets done and how often it gets done.

Our clients were thrilled and started telling friends who owned businesses.  Our services expanded from only catering to residential clients to include commercial clients in 2007.   Again, our commercial clients enjoy customized check lists, when not provided to us, and the reassurance that we will consistently do all that we have been contracted to do.  It doesn’t just end there though.  We regularly clean above expectations.  Our employees are trained to pay attention to details and to take care of such details or bring it to our attention so that we can communicate observed needs to our clients and schedule it to be taken care of.